Phase 3 Phonics Teachers

Attract children’s attention with these phonics teaching videos offering support with blending, segmenting, teaching new letter sounds and more.

Tricky Words Song for Phase 3

Phase 3 tricky words he, she, we, me, be, you, was, my, they, all, are.

Learning Tricky Words- All phase 2+ she, he, we, be, me

Learn tricky words with this fun teaching video! Get the children to say the tricky word as it appears before the man says it! If they got it right they can do a little dance :)

Ai Sound- Reading Machine

Practice reading words with the 'ai' digraph.

'oa' Words- Reading Machine

Practice reading words with the 'oa' digraph.

Ow Sound

Learn about the sound o and w make! Words in this video are cow, owl, howl, growl, now, how, brown.

High Frequency Words with Frozen

Teach first 24 high frequency words with help from the much loved Frozen characters.

Tricky Words Phases 2 and 3

Teach tricky words with this engaging video that uses a variety of ways to attract children's attention.

'Or' Words- Reading Machine

Practice reading words with the 'or' digraph.

Learn the Ch Sound and Read Words

A phonics video to teach children about the /ch/ sound. Children can see what letters make the /ch/ sound as well as some examples of words that contain this sound. All the words are phonetically decodable and only contain Phase 2 and early Phase 3 phonemes of the Letters and Sounds Document. Children need to read those words or work out what they could be using the pictures to support them.

'Sh' Words Reading Machine

This phonics teaching tool allows children to see how words are made up using the 'sh' digraph.

'Ch' Words Reading Machine

A reading machine to help learn to read words with the 'ch' sound. Phase 3 digraph 'ch'. Words to read are chop, chip, chug, check, such, chip, chill, much and rich. Each word comes with a clip art image to help better understanding of the words.